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In this tech era, every young Indian Student, especially the Bright Youth should take the Lead Role in making India as an IT Super Power with 100% IT Literacy, which is the dream of our Government and all the Citizens of our great Country.
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About Digital Prashikshan Sansthan

In this tech era, every young Indian Student, especially the Bright Youth should take the Lead Role in making India as an IT Super Power with 100% IT Literacy, which is the dream of our Government and all the Citizens of our great Country.

Millennium Hand Foundation is dedicatedly involved in the Exploitation and Development of highly Resourceful IT Talents/Skills for over a decade, by effectively imparting knowledge and providing Education & Training through its powerful Network of the wide spread MHF Training Centre.

It is indeed, a matter of Pride for me to say that MHF has a battery of IT Experts, Academicians, Professionals from the IT Industry in its Panel, who have acquired Supreme Power of-Knowledge and Expertise, gained through their Intellectual Capacity and their rich Experience in the IT-Field.

I am quite confident that our Fellow Students of MHF in the Country would certainly take the maximum advantage of these Educative and Informative Syllabus, which would help them in coming out of MHF 's Training Institutes with Flying Colors to compete with the rest of the World. MHF 's Course Materials would certainly become a collection of Holy Books to every MHF Student, which would help them have a very strong Foundation and would keep it for future reference.

I Thank all my beloved Fellow Students/Participants from the Corporate Sector for having chosen MHF 's Courses and also for joining MHF 's Training Centre, which I believe would give a better Edge in the emerging Competitive Scenario. I, on behalf of my Colleagues, my Organization, whole-heartedly wish to express a Bright, Successful and a Great Career to all our Beloved Students/Participants from the Corporate Sector.

Education & Training
Millennium Hands Foundation

Dear Student,
We congratulate and thank you for thoughtful decision to choose MHF for your computer Education.
With information Technology growing in leaps and bounds, Computer Education has become a key area for career development.
In order to become really effective and to reap full benefits of the training certain rules are to be followed by every student of the Centre.
You are requested to read thorough the rules that follow and to strictly maintain these to upkeep your dignity and decorum of the Institution.

    1. Admission to courses of MHF is based on the eligibility norms and on an aptitude test when applicable. However, eligibility is no guarantee for admission.
    2. Admission granted to a particular student is non-transferable. Fee paid by the student is also non-refundable.
    3. Students granted admission is required to produce Original Certificates for verification of their academic qualifications and proof of discount if any.
    4. All students when admitted should submit 3 passport size colour photographs, Xerox copies of certificates duly attested and a conduct certificate in original.
    1. All students shall be issued with identity cards, bearing their photographs and other relevant details. Students should carry this ID Card always with them and should produce it when requested at the Centre.
    2. Once an ID card is lost or misplaced a duplicate will be issued for which a written request together with a fee of Rs. 100/- is to be submitted.
  3. Students are required to return their ID-Cards on completion of their courses.
    1. The medium of instruction for all courses shall be English. Theory classes/Laboratory exercises & tests/Class room exercises and tests/group tasks will form integral part of the training programme.
    2. The minimum attendance for attending the examination is 90%. No break is allowed.
    3. Examination fee per paper will be Rs. 200/-. A fee of Rs. 500/- is to be paid per paper for the subsequent.
    4. Course material will be provided by centre.
    1. 40% of the total marks in each of the subject to pass an examination and minimum 50% is required for certification. Grading shall be as detailed below :-
      Minimum certification : 50%
      50% to 59% : B Grade
      60% to 69% : B + Grade
      70% to 79% : A Grade
      80% above : A + Grade
    2. Final certificate will be issued by Head Office only after it verifies (and duly certified by the Centre) that the student has passed all the relevant examinations, has met the minimum requirements related to internal tests/evaluations & to attendance and has paid all dues.
    1. Normally no break in studies is permitted during the tenure of a course. In special cases the Centre Manager may sanction, special leave up to 30 working days, on a written request citing valid reasons.
    2. Students who take leave for more than two weeks without valid reason will be removed from the active roll register. They can seek Re-Admission only by paying Re-Admission fee of Rs. 500 and all other fee dues.
    3. Generally, transfer from one Centre to another is not granted. However, under special circumstance a transfer can be granted with concurrence of MHF officer in charge in the region and Centre-in-charge. A transfer fee equivalent to 5% of the total course fee shall be charged by source centre for such transfers.
    4. Downgrading of course is strictly not permitted
    5. Upgrading of course is allowed. For example, a student pursuing 4 months course can upgrade to one-year course, so on.
    6. Shifting from one batch to another is subject to availability of seats and to the discretion of Centre Manager.
    7. Students who found undisciplined in Centre and not adhering to the rules and regulations are liable to expelled, without assigning any reason, whatsoever.
    8. No outside floppies, CD ROMs, DVDs or cassettes are permitted in laboratories. Eatables and other outside material are not permitted in classrooms or labs.
    9. Centre Manager is the sole authority on the matters of discipline and decorum and his decisions in the matter will be final and binding.
    10. Mobile phones are strictly not allowed inside MHF Centre premises.
    11. Students should claim their certificates within 3 months from completion.
    12. If the students are having any complaints against the centre, they may contact the co-ordination office.

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