About Millennium Hands Foundation

In present era it is difficult to say people’s social development, culture development, mental ability, moral character, and educational, artistic, spiritual, and intellectual development at which level. Youth and other class of society continuously working for this betterment. And new generation is not so inactive and helpless that a young man will not help a old person to cross the road. Youth are do gossip and un-useful talk in groups but some time they are forced by their mind to think that until we are doing in this way. It affects the society in a negative way so it’s time to wake up and do something for betterment and development of the society and yourself.


For the improvement and growth of the society we are marching towards the following theories.


We are committed to make society better and prosperous for this it is necessary to make social friendship broad and strong and to motivate personal skills. By these step we will produce new hopes for betterment of society in future.


Our main aim is to focus on different of the society and removed them from root level. Through mhf we will make society better and self motivated.


From our efforts it is possible to make society aware with different possible aspects of betterment, and to improve positive visibility of the society.


We are highly supported to better policies and procedures which gives a dramatic change in the society and also support to make a healthy environment for the Inclusive education of society.


For future betterment and prosperity it is must to develop a positive attitude and to improve according available potential, through which we are determine to make strong and prosperous to all class of people in the society. Mhf is very useful organization for the different problems of society like – Job oriented, higher education, youth counseling programme, women empowerment, child labour, Helth oriented programme etc.


For the development of society improvement of people in social cultural, mental, moral character, educational , artistic, spiritual, intellectual, and extra circular activities.

To organize different programme for the growth and development of women and youth. Firstly we are including vocational training courses, different skill oriented programme and programs to make youth self dependent. Through mhf we will try to establish SHG (Self Help Group) in different rural areas.

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